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Reproduce your art with archival materials and the assistance, experience and expertise of a professional artist.

MJ Heubach Fine Art + Design is located in the Longfellow area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been actively producing archival-pigment prints for over a decade, working with a network of artists to reproduce their work in affordable editions for wide distribution in local and international markets.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Giclee Printing:

Q. What printing equipment do you use?
A. Epson 9800 with Ultrachrome Archival-Pigment Inks

Q. How do you scan an image to make print?
A. Flat Art Scanning of the original is recommended. Reproducing from Photography prints, Slides and 35mm film will not obtain the same resolution quality.

Q. Can you restore photos or old documents?
A. Yes, by utilizing the latest graphic art and design software.

Q. What do you print on?
A. Premium Photographic Papers, Fine Art Papers and UV Coated Canvas.

Q. How large can you print?
A. 44" x 90" or 13,200 x 27,000 pixels.

Q. Do you charge setup fees for printing?
A. There is a one-time $25 fee that covers color correction and fine adjustments made to meet specific standards for each image. This step insures that every print matches the artist's original intent. Color matched files are saved on location for 5 years and there will be no additional setup fees to reprint on the same media.

Q. How do you recommend to "treat" the prints?
A. There are a variety of ways to finish a print depending on the media used and its intended use. Some methods include: Mounting, Protective Coating, Canvas Stretching, Custom Frame Selection and Shrink-wrapping.

Q. What does giclee printing cost?
A. Each project is considered unique in terms of scale and medias used to reproduce an image.
Please contact, MJ Heubach Fine Art + Design, for a giclee printing pricing and services brochure that contains guidelines for costs associated with selected media. Studio visits and meetings available by appointment only.